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It took a few months to coordinate with busy summer schedules, but I was finally able to catch up with our Summer Loving Engagement Photography Session winners Geoff and Victoria last weekend in Durham.   They are both avid disc golfers and play almost every weekend of the summer together.    Back in May, Geoff and Victoria were doing a run through on a course in Nashville, TN.  Victoria was preparing for a tournament the next day and wanted to work out some shots ahead of time.  As they worked their way through the course, Victoria was a bit stumped on which disc to use for her next shot and  looked to Geoff for his recommendation.  He reached into the bag and pulled out a disc to hand her, as she turned to get the disc from him, she noticed some words printed on the disc.

Hey I Love You, Will You Marry Me?

She quickly accepted his choice of discs and his well crafted proposal.

On a beautiful Saturday in September, we started out at the Gardens at Duke for a few quick photos and then headed across campus to the Cornwallis Disc Golf course where Victoria and Geoff were able to relax and goof off a bit.  I couldn’t have asked for a more laid back and fun couple to spend the day with.

Durham Engagement Photography Session 001 Durham Engagement Photography Session 0002 Durham Engagement Photography Session 0003 Durham Engagement Photography Session 0004 Durham Engagement Photography Session 0005 Durham Engagement Photography Session 0006 Durham Engagement Photography Session 0007 Durham Engagement Photography Session 0008

Thank you again Victoria and Geoff for the opportunity to shoot your engagement photos!

The free engagement session contest!

Time for those sunny summer days to begin!  In the spirit of the fast approaching summer, I’d like to offer a completely free engagement session to one lucky couple in or around Raleigh, NC.



This engagement session is valued at $250 and the winning couple will receive:


  • Up to 2 hours of engagement photography
  • Online Gallery of images
  • $50 print credit and their digital downloads



Here’s how to enter:

Just fill out the contact info at the bottom of the page, and include a few sentences about how you met, your favorite date or the best summer memory you have together.

Really….that’s it?2015-02-11_0001

Well, there are a few rules:

1) One entry per couple. Couples must be engaged. Couples outside of the Raleigh area are welcome to enter, however the chosen session location must be within a 15 mile radius of downtown Raleigh NC.



2) Contest starts on Monday, May 23, 2016 at 12:01am and ends on Friday, June 10th 2016 at 11:59pm est.  Any entries received before or after the above mentioned dates will not be considered.

3) Winners will be chosen by Trevor Bar and announced on or before Tuesday, June 14th 2016.

4) Free Session will expire after 3 months and must be taken before Wednesday, September 14th, 2016

5) By entering the contest, you agree to allow Trevor Bar Photography to use your engagement session images on our website and in printed materials.

Looking forward to seeing all your lovely faces and stories!

Submit your entry here!

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Last weekend I finally got to meet the winners of my Love is in the Air Engagement Session Giveaway.  Angela and Casey completely won me over with their story.  They were also absolute troopers this past Saturday, showing up with a heavy threat of rain from a tropical storm of the coast of SC.

Their story started with Casey’s Entemology class at NC State.  A month or two after class was done, Casey found himself doing work on campus, and he managed to bump into his former teacher.  She was so excited to see him, she ran up to hug him and knocked his sunglasses onto the ground.  I dont think Casey was too worried, after all he now had a good reason to get her contact information.  And after a weeks, Casey finally got up the nerve to ask his former teacher, Angela, out on their first date.



Even though the day started with a light drizzle, Casey and Angela didn’t seem to mind the rain (that’s not dust in the photo background), and they fell right into their charming selves.



We first met over at some of the university’s agriculture fields, and while I love some grass and fences in the background, I especially love old barns!!!






And this was my favorite of the day.


After some photos in the agriculture fields we headed over to Lake Raleigh to take advantage of some dramatic clouds.2015-05-19_0006 2015-05-19_0007



After the more “dramatic” poses were out of the way, Casey and Angela finally decided to cut loose and relax a little.

2015-05-19_0009 2015-05-19_0010




Angela had told me how they wanted to keep the session casual and relaxed, but in all honesty I think they blew casual out of the water with some of these 🙂



Throughout the day, we had the pleasant company Diesel, Angela and Casey’s canine friend.  After a long hard day of tagging along, it was time to get a proper “family portrait.”


Once the family portrait was done, it was time for Diesel to get some real fun time in…playing fetch with his two favorite people.



I don’t think I could have asked for a better rainy day out with such a wonderful couple,

Thanks Angela and Casey!






As Ashley finished her Masters in textile chemistry as NC State in May, she wondered what was next in her life.  Her boyfriend Jon had been with her with nearly 10 years, and now that school was finally in the rear view, she was ready to figure out where the future would take their relationship.

After questioning Jon about his plans, she was eager to move into that next step of life, but didnt want to rush or pressure Jon.  Little did she know, when Jon responded that they could move in together and take it from there, he actually had already been shopping for a nice shiny gift and was just waiting for the right moment.

Getting his plan together quickly, Jon put together a casual summer beach trip to Ocean Isle.  They spent the weekend enjoy the sun & sand, come Sunday Ashley was so exhausted she just wanted to spend all morning in bed, but Jon convinced her to take a walk with him on the beach.

As they wandered down by the pier, Jon dropped to one knee and said the words that Ashley had been waiting for. As she realized her day could not get any better, Jon pointed up to the pier where Ashley’s family was standing, they had been there the whole time to witness the engagement.  Talk about pressure!!!

While I was not able to be a part of such a well planned proposal I was happy to spend the day with them shooting some engagement photos around Raleigh and NC State University .  For mid-November the weather was a gorgeous and there were plenty of blue skies.

Looking forward to spending another day with Ashley and Jon in May, shooting their wedding 🙂