As Ashley finished her Masters in textile chemistry as NC State in May, she wondered what was next in her life.  Her boyfriend Jon had been with her with nearly 10 years, and now that school was finally in the rear view, she was ready to figure out where the future would take their relationship.

After questioning Jon about his plans, she was eager to move into that next step of life, but didnt want to rush or pressure Jon.  Little did she know, when Jon responded that they could move in together and take it from there, he actually had already been shopping for a nice shiny gift and was just waiting for the right moment.

Getting his plan together quickly, Jon put together a casual summer beach trip to Ocean Isle.  They spent the weekend enjoy the sun & sand, come Sunday Ashley was so exhausted she just wanted to spend all morning in bed, but Jon convinced her to take a walk with him on the beach.

As they wandered down by the pier, Jon dropped to one knee and said the words that Ashley had been waiting for. As she realized her day could not get any better, Jon pointed up to the pier where Ashley’s family was standing, they had been there the whole time to witness the engagement.  Talk about pressure!!!

While I was not able to be a part of such a well planned proposal I was happy to spend the day with them shooting some engagement photos around Raleigh and NC State University .  For mid-November the weather was a gorgeous and there were plenty of blue skies.

Looking forward to spending another day with Ashley and Jon in May, shooting their wedding 🙂

I have known Alex for almost 9 years now.  We first met our freshman year of college and have grown to become best friends over the years.  Alex is a Charlotte native, but ventured all the way to Huntington WV to pursue her masters and coincidentally to meet the love of her life, Steve.

After dating for almost a year, Steve moved down to Miami to take a job while Alex stayed to finish grad school.  Every weekend they were apart, they wished to be back in each others arms.  About the time Alex finished school Steve was offered another job, this time in El Paso, TX.  They both knew that they could not continue apart, so they decided to venture out west together!

A few weekends ago, I spent the entire day behind the scenes of Alex & Steve’s wedding.
Spending the whole day around your best friend is actually a blast and it almost didn’t feel like work.  It was a gorgeous day and no one could have asked for better weather, not even the parade going on outside during the ceremony.  After the ceremony the bridal party wandered around Charlotte, stopping at panthers stadium to take a few fun photos before heading over to Romare Bearden Park for some more elegant portraits and lunch.  As the day turned to evening, everyone headed to Roof with a view for a gorgeously decorated reception.  As night fell, the city of Charlotte lit up the background of the top floor venue.  The band, with the father of the bride on vocals/keyboard, kept everyone dancing til the nights end.

Thank you again Bondra & Steve for letting me be such a special part of your day, love you guys to death!  The two of you are the perfect pair and together you will make a wonderful team!


Many thanks to the wedding creative team as well,
Ceremony Location: St. Peters Catholic Church
Reception Location: Roof with a View
Hair + Makeup: Amy Castro of Bella MUATatiyana Yeremuk, and the maid of honor Michele
Band: The Jazz Guys
Wedding Photography: Trevor Bar
Photographer’s Assistant: Leah Ward

Aug 21, 2013
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Last weekend I was up in DC photographing a bride and a groom, however neither ended up at the same wedding,


Josh went on later that day to marry his best friend and future partner for life, Helene.


Tracy was already a happily married bride helping me out with my bridal portfolio.


I’ll be clarifying any confusion in their upcoming individual posts, but for now just a teaser of the weekend’s festivities.


Nov 01, 2012
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Although Tim grew up in North Carolina and Jen in Michigan, they seemed as though they had met so much longer than just 3 years ago. They were just out of college, had left their respective homes to take on a new independent lifestyles and start their careers in Portsmouth Virginia.  Tim and Jen quickly became friends and a short while later, Tim decided to ask Jen out.  These two work together with such happiness and ease it makes you stop to think, “Can a relationship really be that easy?”

Beautiful weather and wonderful guests blessed the couple on this lovely fall day at Belle Island State Park, in Lancaster VA.

Tim seemed to have two modes when the camera was on him, “smile” and “even bigger smile” and to him neither could quite convey just how happy he was to be tying the knot with his best friend.  Jen got ready for the wedding upstairs in the Bel Air House, which overlooked the beautiful waterfront and ceremony site.  She was calm and collected while getting her groove on with her bridesmaids as her mother and grandmother helped her into her HAND-MADE DRESS!!!!   Jen spent months working on her dress and the intricacy and detail were beyond amazing.   Once the dress was on, Jen went from a beautiful bride to a front page VOGUE stunner!

After the ceremony, we were able to sneak away for short portrait session on a quiet dock over the Rappahanock River.  After Tim & Jen’s entrance, they spent the rest of the afternoon mingling with guests and dining on a BBQ pig grilled by Tim & the groomsmen. As the sun set, toasts were made and the dancing began.  Everyone enjoyed an evening filled that was filled with love,  joy and happiness.

Congratulations and best of luck Mr. & Mrs. Chase!!!

Sep 27, 2012
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Troy and April first met at a mutual friend’s house warming party in 2008. When April spied Troy from across the room, she quietly wished for a reason to go over and start a conversation. She then noticed Troy was wearing the t-shirt of a band whose concert she had attended only days earlier. With conversation starter in cheek, they spent the rest of the party talking late into the night.

The day started at Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in downtown Richmond, VA. Sacred Heart was beautiful, both architecturally and acoustically. Muted sunlight cascaded from the windows throughout the cathedral, illuminating this wonderful couple and their guests.

After the ceremony, April & Troy hopped a Trolley to the reception at Willow Oaks Country Club . They were met by all the wedding guests including one who was not at the ceremony, Beau, their English Foxhound. After a wonderful lunch, the rest of the day was spent socializing among friends and family with the laughter and joy echoing through the country club until the very last song was played.

Troy & April were a wonderful couple to work with. Their entire wedding day was filled with smiles and April and Troy were glowing the whole afternoon. They continue their adventure together with a trip to Africa. Where they will begin with a safari through various parks and end on the island of Zanzibar, lounging on the beach and swimming in the Indian Ocean.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Patrick!