It took a few months to coordinate with busy summer schedules, but I was finally able to catch up with our Summer Loving Engagement Photography Session winners Geoff and Victoria last weekend in Durham.   They are both avid disc golfers and play almost every weekend of the summer together.    Back in May, Geoff and Victoria were doing a run through on a course in Nashville, TN.  Victoria was preparing for a tournament the next day and wanted to work out some shots ahead of time.  As they worked their way through the course, Victoria was a bit stumped on which disc to use for her next shot and  looked to Geoff for his recommendation.  He reached into the bag and pulled out a disc to hand her, as she turned to get the disc from him, she noticed some words printed on the disc.

Hey I Love You, Will You Marry Me?

She quickly accepted his choice of discs and his well crafted proposal.

On a beautiful Saturday in September, we started out at the Gardens at Duke for a few quick photos and then headed across campus to the Cornwallis Disc Golf course where Victoria and Geoff were able to relax and goof off a bit.  I couldn’t have asked for a more laid back and fun couple to spend the day with.

Durham Engagement Photography Session 001 Durham Engagement Photography Session 0002 Durham Engagement Photography Session 0003 Durham Engagement Photography Session 0004 Durham Engagement Photography Session 0005 Durham Engagement Photography Session 0006 Durham Engagement Photography Session 0007 Durham Engagement Photography Session 0008

Thank you again Victoria and Geoff for the opportunity to shoot your engagement photos!

The free engagement session contest!

Time for those sunny summer days to begin!  In the spirit of the fast approaching summer, I’d like to offer a completely free engagement session to one lucky couple in or around Raleigh, NC.



This engagement session is valued at $250 and the winning couple will receive:


  • Up to 2 hours of engagement photography
  • Online Gallery of images
  • $50 print credit and their digital downloads



Here’s how to enter:

Just fill out the contact info at the bottom of the page, and include a few sentences about how you met, your favorite date or the best summer memory you have together.

Really….that’s it?2015-02-11_0001

Well, there are a few rules:

1) One entry per couple. Couples must be engaged. Couples outside of the Raleigh area are welcome to enter, however the chosen session location must be within a 15 mile radius of downtown Raleigh NC.



2) Contest starts on Monday, May 23, 2016 at 12:01am and ends on Friday, June 10th 2016 at 11:59pm est.  Any entries received before or after the above mentioned dates will not be considered.

3) Winners will be chosen by Trevor Bar and announced on or before Tuesday, June 14th 2016.

4) Free Session will expire after 3 months and must be taken before Wednesday, September 14th, 2016

5) By entering the contest, you agree to allow Trevor Bar Photography to use your engagement session images on our website and in printed materials.

Looking forward to seeing all your lovely faces and stories!

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It was a HOT Saturday afternoon in Fayetteville, NC, but it was wonderful to share it with sharing such a kind and loving couple.  It was so enjoyable to spend the day capturing the love that Paula and Richie have for each other.

2016-04-26_0001 2016-04-26_0002 2016-04-26_0003 2016-04-26_0004 2016-04-26_0005 2016-04-26_0006 2016-04-26_0007 2016-04-26_0008 2016-04-26_0009 2016-04-26_0010 2016-04-26_0011 2016-04-26_0012 2016-04-26_0013 2016-04-26_0014 2016-04-26_0015 2016-04-26_0016 2016-04-26_0017 2016-04-26_0018 2016-04-26_0019


Special thanks to the entire creative team:

Wedding Planner/Event Coordinator: Galej Events
Officiant: Terry Oxendine
Ceremony Music: Event Performances
Cake: Ambrosia Cake Creations
Makeup Artist: Darla Oxendine
Floral Arrangements: Jeffrey’s Florist
Venue: Doubletree Hotel – Fayetteville NC
DJ – Live Action Events
Videographer – Jerfilm
Photographer – Trevor Bar Photography

Last weekend I finally got to meet the winners of my Love is in the Air Engagement Session Giveaway.  Angela and Casey completely won me over with their story.  They were also absolute troopers this past Saturday, showing up with a heavy threat of rain from a tropical storm of the coast of SC.

Their story started with Casey’s Entemology class at NC State.  A month or two after class was done, Casey found himself doing work on campus, and he managed to bump into his former teacher.  She was so excited to see him, she ran up to hug him and knocked his sunglasses onto the ground.  I dont think Casey was too worried, after all he now had a good reason to get her contact information.  And after a weeks, Casey finally got up the nerve to ask his former teacher, Angela, out on their first date.



Even though the day started with a light drizzle, Casey and Angela didn’t seem to mind the rain (that’s not dust in the photo background), and they fell right into their charming selves.



We first met over at some of the university’s agriculture fields, and while I love some grass and fences in the background, I especially love old barns!!!






And this was my favorite of the day.


After some photos in the agriculture fields we headed over to Lake Raleigh to take advantage of some dramatic clouds.2015-05-19_0006 2015-05-19_0007



After the more “dramatic” poses were out of the way, Casey and Angela finally decided to cut loose and relax a little.

2015-05-19_0009 2015-05-19_0010




Angela had told me how they wanted to keep the session casual and relaxed, but in all honesty I think they blew casual out of the water with some of these 🙂



Throughout the day, we had the pleasant company Diesel, Angela and Casey’s canine friend.  After a long hard day of tagging along, it was time to get a proper “family portrait.”


Once the family portrait was done, it was time for Diesel to get some real fun time in…playing fetch with his two favorite people.



I don’t think I could have asked for a better rainy day out with such a wonderful couple,

Thanks Angela and Casey!






Tips to find the perfect wedding photographer that is right for you!

How to Select a wedding photographer - Part 1

In part of 1 of the “Find the Perfect Wedding Photographer”  I will try to tackle some of the initial tips for finding a wedding photographer that is perfect for you.


Perhaps the most subjective of all the qualifications, one of the first things I always tell people to look for is what style of wedding photography they like. Style in realm of wedding photography can actually be broken up into 2 different categories, shooting style and processing style.



Shooting Style

Shooting style is how a photographer works while at your wedding.  Are they constantly asking you to stop and pose for various activities or are they hiding 200 feet away capturing candid moments of raw emotion.  Different shooting styles will result in vastly different feels of your wedding day photos, by knowing which style your photographer shoots, you can better identify the ones that meet your preferences. And remember, many photographers will mix & match to create their specific photographic identity, but identifying their “primary” style can help narrow your search

• Traditional/Portraiture

This type of style is commonly referred to as the “your parents’ wedding album”), but that doesn’t do the best job of describing the modern version of this style. These photographers are typically very structured and will work with you to capture posed shots of the two of you, friends and family throughout the day.  Luckily for you modern brides, portrait photographers have learned from their “70s-80s” brethern and will do their best to pose you in modern poses, making you look your best.  As you search for wedding images you love, look for the couple sitting on a lounge chair in the middle of a field, or holding hands along a tree lined road with a picturesque background, and you will see the work of a portraiture photographer.

• Documentary/Photojournalism

Typically a photojournalist wedding photographer will throw the posing book out the window.  Their primary focus is to capture the days events as they unfold, without any staging or “faking” of specific events.  These photographers are doing their best to tell a story about your wedding day, they exact way it happens.  This style of photography is wonderful at capturing unique moments and candid emotions without you even aware they were taking a photo.

• Fine Art

While similar to photojournalism, this style takes on the true creativity of the photographer to mold whats unfolding in front of them into pure art.  While you could subjectively say that photographers of all styles are artistic, these fine art photographers usually take it one step further to really make gorgeous photos looks even more stunning.  This style of photographer usually has very distinct images with lots of blur, painterly light or gritty textures.  If you ever see wedding photography that looks like it could be in an art gallery, you have found your fine art photographer

• Edgy

Finally we come to the edgy photographer, while this can technically be a sub-type of fine art photography, it is more of a style that is all about breaking the traditional rules of photography.  Wide angles, tilted frames and everything in between, the goal of this style is to be as un-conventional as possible.  While these photographers may be more photo-journalistic in their approach, they can also be the type to pose you in an fun different place to make a more interesting photo.  Be careful with this genre however, as many “newbies” to photography will use such a style as they are still experimenting with the craft, and the last thing you want at your wedding is a photographer who is still experimenting during your once in a lifetime event 🙂


Processing Style

Processing style deals with how photographers edit their images once they are taken, this is typically called post-processing, and is part of what makes one photographer stand out from the rest of his peers.  While there are literally a million styles out there, I find it easiest to generalize them into 3 categories.


These photographers usually prefer a very classic soft image.  Almost always well lit, lightly processed and natural looking.
See Jasmine Star for a very classic style, and try not to fall in love with her work like I do.

• Vintage/Film

These photographers like the use of low-contrast look with muted colors, grainy textures and often similar looks to vintage film.  Think Insta-gram.
A good example of vintage is Jonas Peterson, but it’s probably expensive to fly him over from Australia

• High Contrast:

These photographers enjoy dramatic lighting, vibrant colors and plenty of crisp detail.
A great example of this style is Sal Cincotta, his panorama style images are amazing!

I hope this was helpful in your search to find the perfect wedding photographer that is the right match for your wedding.  While many people will tell you price is one of the first things you should consider, I have always been a proponent of finding what you love and then figuring out the costs. If you do it the other way around, you usually end up with something you don’t like love 🙂



Trevor Bar Photography is a Raleigh wedding photographer based in Raleigh, NC offering engagement and wedding photography in and around the Raleigh-Durham Area.

It was spring of 2010 as Ashley headed out to grab a few drinks with friends. As they settled down at a bar in downtown Annapolis, Ashley managed to catch the eyes of a young man across the bar.  When Paul decided to approach Ashley and buy her a drink, he was a bit caught off guard when she managed to beat him to the punch and buy his drink instead.  A few days later Ashley decided he could make it up to her and take her out on a date.  One date turned into several, and after almost four years of dating, Paul finally made up for that first drink.  Pouring Ashley a glass of champagne and dropping to one knee he swore to love her forever.

On what had to be the most beautiful day of fall, I got the pleasure of spending it photographing this wonderful couple for their Walkersville Maryland Wedding!  Walkers Overlook was a gorgeous wedding venue set in the rolling hills and farmland of Walkersville.


The bridal suite had beautiful lighting that was perfect for capturing Ashley as she got ready.




Ashley’s dress was the perfect mix of elegance and a dash of vintage, loved the hanger!







While Ashley and the bridesmaids got ready upstairs, Paul and the groomsmen got dressed downstairs.


Ashley’s gift to Paul was a custom engraving on the back of his watch2014-10-29_0009


As the boys finished up, Paul sent his gift to Ashley upstairs.
2014-10-29_0010 2014-10-29_0011



After the tears and hugs filled the room, Ashley was ready to head down for her first look with Paul.

As Paul anxiously waited, Ashley’s mom and bridemaids were able to sneak a few from the second floor brial suite.


2014-10-29_0014 2014-10-29_0015 2014-10-29_0016

After the first look, we wandered the grounds for a few quick portraits before the ceremony.




Then it was time to tuck the love birds away so they could actually get ready to walk down the aisle.

While I went to capture the all the wonderful details that Ashley, Paul and their families and friends had all helped to put together.

2014-10-29_0022 2014-10-29_0023 2014-10-29_0024 2014-10-29_0025


2014-10-29_0026 2014-10-29_0027





2014-10-29_0033 2014-10-29_0029


As the sunset over Walkersville, Ashley and Paul headed back towards the house to join their families and friends for the reception.






The toasts from Ashley’s sister, Courtney and Paul’s best man Rory was both heartfelt and hilarious.




On top of all the other wonderful decorations the Ashley and her “team” put together, Ashley even managed to make her own wedding cake!  Quite skilled in the art of dessert making, she has actually been documenting/blogging all of her creations over the past few years.


With the cake cut, the party ensued with nothing but smiles and dance moves from grandparents on down to kids.





Of course no reception finale is complete without a bohemian rhapsody sing along


Or a sparkler exit!






Congrats to Mr & Mrs. Miller, I had a truely wonderful time documenting such an incredible and gorgeous day.  Hope you guys have a wonderful time in Spain!!!

Coordinator & Venue: Walkers Overlook
Second Photographer: Leah Ward

I have known Carlee since we were both freshman at NC State.  When she reached out to me to photograph her and her fiance Ryans’ wrightsville beach wedding down in Wilmington NC, I can’t describe how excited I was she chose me to photograph it.

On June 28th, the morning began in the way most brides never hope for; rain.  As the day continued, the weather seemed to clear up just long enough to give everyone hope, before returning to it’s previous state of grey and wet.  But mother nature could not have picked a worse couple to toy with on that day, because Carlee and Ryan were more excited than ever.  While family, friends and vendors scurried about, stressing over the various changes necessary due to the weather, Ryan and Carlee calmly began getting ready, with the biggest smiles they have probably ever had.

2014-07-13_0008 2014-07-13_0009


Once Carlee got into her gorgeous dress, it was time to pick something old…

and something new.

And while I missed the borrowed, Carlee’s blue shoes were gorgeous!

2014-07-13_0007As Carlee was getting ready upstairs, Ryan and the men were getting their finishing touches on downstairs.

As everyone was getting ready, we were all serenaded by cello and violin.
2014-07-13_0010 2014-07-13_0040

As the ceremony approached, the sun started to shine through the clouds and into Carlee’s bridal suite.  So of course, she looked even more stunning and so absolutely elegant.



Carlee’s brother Ross tried to offer his assistance in getting Carlee’s earrings in. 2014-07-13_0013

While Carlee was safely tucked away upstairs, I took a second to grab some portraits of Ryan,  his suit was incredibly sharp and had a perfect summer style.


As the ceremony began, Carlee’s step father escorted Carlee down the stairs to the arbor outside.


Carlee’s choice of Lilies for the bouquets was wonderful


As the ceremony began the weather became completely clear and family and friends gathered around the arbor for the ceremony.  Ryan just had to sneak one a quick kiss before the officiant got started.  The second one after the ceremony was a little less sneaky, as it should be.


After the ceremony, Carlee’s step father made for a heartfelt and moving toast.


Following a few speeches, I stole Carlee and Ryan away for a bit for some more 1 on 1 time.2014-07-13_0026 2014-07-13_0022
And Ryan could not keep his hands or lips off Carlee for more than a few seconds.
2014-07-13_0025 2014-07-13_0023
These two just fit so perfectly with each other, it was hard to keep them more than a few inches from each other.

2014-07-13_0028 2014-07-13_0027

As we went back outside to have join family and friends at a patio reception, I was able to get a few quick photos at the end of the walkway overlooking the intracoastal.

As we returned to the reception site, it was hard not to notice the wonderful work from the wedding designer.
The details were nothing short of stunning, the diversity of the floral arrangements was amazing.
2014-07-13_0039 2014-07-13_0033 2014-07-13_0034 2014-07-13_0001



Dinner was filled with laughs, smiles, and a blissful sense of intimacy that only a small wedding can bring.
Food was prepared by the wonderful people at Landfall Catering Services and Events, and they did a wonderful job with dinner as well as dessert.

Carlee and Ryan
Following dinner, Carlee and Ryan cut the cake and the mini-cakes were served to the guests.


Following the cake cutting, everyone gathered in the foyer while a special guest got to sing a number for the newly weds.
Congratulations again to Carlee & Ryan, the two of you were such a wonderful couple to be around, I wish you both the best!
I also wanted to thank the Marino family for being such gracious hosts for the entire day, they opened up the doors to their wonderful home and were wonderful to everyone attending.


Ceremony/Reception: The Marino Residence
Catering: Landfall Catering
Design/Floral: Jeff of Design Perfection

On an overcast Saturday morning, Ashley and her bridesmaids gathered at Sonage Salon and Day Spa.  While everyone still seemed half asleep, the excitement was already starting to build. Today Ashley would marry Jon, her sweetheart of almost 10 years!


After a well planned engagement, Ashley was now getting ready to meet Jon on the aisle at the First Presbyterian Church for their Dunn NC wedding.


While Ashley and the bridesmaids were up at the Spa, Jon and the boys arrived at the church to start getting dressed.  After the boys were suited up, I had a few minutes to take some portraits of Jon.


Once Jon went back to relax with his groomsmen, Ashley began getting into her gorgeously ornate dress just down the hall.



At every step of the way, Ashley’s sister and maid of honor, Emily was there to make sure Ashley was looking beyond perfect.


Once she was in her dress, Ashley walked to the sanctuary where her and Jon had opted to do their first look.  Jon was escorted to the end of one of the aisles by his father with eyes closed, before getting into place where he could see his very soon to be bride.

2014-06-15_0015Once Jon and Ashley had spent a few minutes enjoying their first look, we headed out front for some portraits so that they could move straight from the ceremony to the reception later in the afternoon.



Ashley’s choice of details was wonderful, and her pink rose bouquet  added a wonderful classic touch to the day.




Just after the ceremony finished, Ashley and Jon headed to the back the sanctuary, and paused for a brief second to just enjoy each others company.
Following the ceremony, Ashley and Jon headed over to meet family and friends in the reception hall.  The room was overflowing with applause as the newlyweds entered the room, I don’t think I have seen a bride hug so many people at a reception.  There really was so much love in the room, so many friends and loved ones there celebrating this couples choice to spend the rest of their lives together.


Once the reception came to a close, Jon and Ashley exited the reception and were bombarded with a shower of rose petals.


And finally as they prepared to leave, Jon managed to sneak one last kiss for the camera before riding off with his new bride.2014-06-15_0018


Jon and Ashley, thank you so much for letting me join you on such a beautiful and happy day.  I wish you both the best as you move forward with your lives together, and I know you are going to make an amazing team!


Venue: First Presbyterian Church
Second Photographer: Cindy Schepers
Florist: Dragonfly Florist
Hair and Makeup: Sonage Salon and Day Spa

A few weeks back I was blessed to do a bridal session for one of my brides Ashley.   Now that she tied the knot with her wonderful husband Jon, I wanted to share a few of her gorgeous bridal photos.

On an overcast Saturday afternoon, I met Ashley, her parents, grandparents and sister (there is no such thing as too much support) at the historic Tucker House in Raleigh.  A wonderful house with gorgeous architectural elements became the stage for Ashley and her stunningly detailed dress.


Ashley was radiating so brightly, you could hardly tell that it was actually a rainy day outside.


When Ashley donned her Cathedral length veil and moved over to the window for a portrait, her mom peeked around the corner, and began crying.  There was a quick panic before realizing the tears were good tears, tears for how beautiful her daughter looked.


As the weather started to clear, we moved outside to capture Ashley in front of the Tucker House.


Between Ashley’s mom and her sister Emily, I had the best assistants EVER, carefully attending to Ashley’s dress and making sure everything looked perfect.  Right as we began to finish for the afternoon, the wind managed to catch Ashley’s veil and make for this amazing portrait.


Congratulations again Ashley! You and Jon were wonderful to work with and I’m looking forward to posting the wedding photos soon!


Rachael and Adam are two of the nicest and most relaxed people you may ever come across.  My girlfriend has known Rachael for YEARS!!! and we were lucky enough to travel down to Alabama to be a part of her and her husband Adam’s wedding a few weeks ago.

Rachel & Adam
The entire prep, ceremony and reception all took place at a lovely oceanfront house.  And all the beach details really came together.2014-05-12_0003 2014-05-12_0005



The ceremony was small, intimate, and wonderful.  Rachael could not stop smiling while she was holding hands with Adam, and Adam seemed just as happy to be up there with his soon to be bride.

2014-05-12_0008 2014-05-12_0009



After the ceremony, my girlfriend was to sneak in a few words with her newly married friend.2014-05-12_0011



And as everyone gathered back up at the house for dinner and cocktails, Adam and Rachael were able to take a brief walk out on the beach as husband and wife.

2014-05-12_0004 2014-05-12_0010


Rachael and Adam, thank you for letting us be a part of your day.  We wish you the best and hope you get that honeymoon of yours in sooner rather than later 🙂