Tips to find the perfect wedding photographer that is right for you!

How to Select a wedding photographer - Part 1

In part of 1 of the “Find the Perfect Wedding Photographer”  I will try to tackle some of the initial tips for finding a wedding photographer that is perfect for you.


Perhaps the most subjective of all the qualifications, one of the first things I always tell people to look for is what style of wedding photography they like. Style in realm of wedding photography can actually be broken up into 2 different categories, shooting style and processing style.



Shooting Style

Shooting style is how a photographer works while at your wedding.  Are they constantly asking you to stop and pose for various activities or are they hiding 200 feet away capturing candid moments of raw emotion.  Different shooting styles will result in vastly different feels of your wedding day photos, by knowing which style your photographer shoots, you can better identify the ones that meet your preferences. And remember, many photographers will mix & match to create their specific photographic identity, but identifying their “primary” style can help narrow your search

• Traditional/Portraiture

This type of style is commonly referred to as the “your parents’ wedding album”), but that doesn’t do the best job of describing the modern version of this style. These photographers are typically very structured and will work with you to capture posed shots of the two of you, friends and family throughout the day.  Luckily for you modern brides, portrait photographers have learned from their “70s-80s” brethern and will do their best to pose you in modern poses, making you look your best.  As you search for wedding images you love, look for the couple sitting on a lounge chair in the middle of a field, or holding hands along a tree lined road with a picturesque background, and you will see the work of a portraiture photographer.

• Documentary/Photojournalism

Typically a photojournalist wedding photographer will throw the posing book out the window.  Their primary focus is to capture the days events as they unfold, without any staging or “faking” of specific events.  These photographers are doing their best to tell a story about your wedding day, they exact way it happens.  This style of photography is wonderful at capturing unique moments and candid emotions without you even aware they were taking a photo.

• Fine Art

While similar to photojournalism, this style takes on the true creativity of the photographer to mold whats unfolding in front of them into pure art.  While you could subjectively say that photographers of all styles are artistic, these fine art photographers usually take it one step further to really make gorgeous photos looks even more stunning.  This style of photographer usually has very distinct images with lots of blur, painterly light or gritty textures.  If you ever see wedding photography that looks like it could be in an art gallery, you have found your fine art photographer

• Edgy

Finally we come to the edgy photographer, while this can technically be a sub-type of fine art photography, it is more of a style that is all about breaking the traditional rules of photography.  Wide angles, tilted frames and everything in between, the goal of this style is to be as un-conventional as possible.  While these photographers may be more photo-journalistic in their approach, they can also be the type to pose you in an fun different place to make a more interesting photo.  Be careful with this genre however, as many “newbies” to photography will use such a style as they are still experimenting with the craft, and the last thing you want at your wedding is a photographer who is still experimenting during your once in a lifetime event 🙂


Processing Style

Processing style deals with how photographers edit their images once they are taken, this is typically called post-processing, and is part of what makes one photographer stand out from the rest of his peers.  While there are literally a million styles out there, I find it easiest to generalize them into 3 categories.


These photographers usually prefer a very classic soft image.  Almost always well lit, lightly processed and natural looking.
See Jasmine Star for a very classic style, and try not to fall in love with her work like I do.

• Vintage/Film

These photographers like the use of low-contrast look with muted colors, grainy textures and often similar looks to vintage film.  Think Insta-gram.
A good example of vintage is Jonas Peterson, but it’s probably expensive to fly him over from Australia

• High Contrast:

These photographers enjoy dramatic lighting, vibrant colors and plenty of crisp detail.
A great example of this style is Sal Cincotta, his panorama style images are amazing!

I hope this was helpful in your search to find the perfect wedding photographer that is the right match for your wedding.  While many people will tell you price is one of the first things you should consider, I have always been a proponent of finding what you love and then figuring out the costs. If you do it the other way around, you usually end up with something you don’t like love 🙂



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