Rachael and Adam are two of the nicest and most relaxed people you may ever come across.  My girlfriend has known Rachael for YEARS!!! and we were lucky enough to travel down to Alabama to be a part of her and her husband Adam’s wedding a few weeks ago.

Rachel & Adam
The entire prep, ceremony and reception all took place at a lovely oceanfront house.  And all the beach details really came together.2014-05-12_0003 2014-05-12_0005



The ceremony was small, intimate, and wonderful.  Rachael could not stop smiling while she was holding hands with Adam, and Adam seemed just as happy to be up there with his soon to be bride.

2014-05-12_0008 2014-05-12_0009



After the ceremony, my girlfriend was to sneak in a few words with her newly married friend.2014-05-12_0011



And as everyone gathered back up at the house for dinner and cocktails, Adam and Rachael were able to take a brief walk out on the beach as husband and wife.

2014-05-12_0004 2014-05-12_0010


Rachael and Adam, thank you for letting us be a part of your day.  We wish you the best and hope you get that honeymoon of yours in sooner rather than later 🙂