As Ashley finished her Masters in textile chemistry as NC State in May, she wondered what was next in her life.  Her boyfriend Jon had been with her with nearly 10 years, and now that school was finally in the rear view, she was ready to figure out where the future would take their relationship.

After questioning Jon about his plans, she was eager to move into that next step of life, but didnt want to rush or pressure Jon.  Little did she know, when Jon responded that they could move in together and take it from there, he actually had already been shopping for a nice shiny gift and was just waiting for the right moment.

Getting his plan together quickly, Jon put together a casual summer beach trip to Ocean Isle.  They spent the weekend enjoy the sun & sand, come Sunday Ashley was so exhausted she just wanted to spend all morning in bed, but Jon convinced her to take a walk with him on the beach.

As they wandered down by the pier, Jon dropped to one knee and said the words that Ashley had been waiting for. As she realized her day could not get any better, Jon pointed up to the pier where Ashley’s family was standing, they had been there the whole time to witness the engagement.  Talk about pressure!!!

While I was not able to be a part of such a well planned proposal I was happy to spend the day with them shooting some engagement photos around Raleigh and NC State University .  For mid-November the weather was a gorgeous and there were plenty of blue skies.

Looking forward to spending another day with Ashley and Jon in May, shooting their wedding 🙂