Sep 27, 2012
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Troy and April first met at a mutual friend’s house warming party in 2008. When April spied Troy from across the room, she quietly wished for a reason to go over and start a conversation. She then noticed Troy was wearing the t-shirt of a band whose concert she had attended only days earlier. With conversation starter in cheek, they spent the rest of the party talking late into the night.

The day started at Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in downtown Richmond, VA. Sacred Heart was beautiful, both architecturally and acoustically. Muted sunlight cascaded from the windows throughout the cathedral, illuminating this wonderful couple and their guests.

After the ceremony, April & Troy hopped a Trolley to the reception at Willow Oaks Country Club . They were met by all the wedding guests including one who was not at the ceremony, Beau, their English Foxhound. After a wonderful lunch, the rest of the day was spent socializing among friends and family with the laughter and joy echoing through the country club until the very last song was played.

Troy & April were a wonderful couple to work with. Their entire wedding day was filled with smiles and April and Troy were glowing the whole afternoon. They continue their adventure together with a trip to Africa. Where they will begin with a safari through various parks and end on the island of Zanzibar, lounging on the beach and swimming in the Indian Ocean.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Patrick!